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GTA 5 First Person View Mod for Xbox 360

YouTube user “XBLToothPik”  has released footage of an Xbox 360 script modification which enables  gamers to play Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 through a first person view.

Unfortunately, at the present time, XBLToothPik has not released a public download link that we know of. It seems the video is currently just a representation of what is possible for the future of modifications in GTA 5.

With Rockstar recently announcing the release of GTA 5 for the PC in Fall 2014, gamers are gearing up for an excessive amount of mods. This particular release is coming across to many fans of the game as a teaser for what is to come from the PC community once the game finally hits stores.

Though that is not to underestimate the console version of the game. Many did not expect any modification of the Xbox 360 version. There was even another mod earlier this year which enabled a first person view within vehicles.

Here is XBLToothPik’s video of the modification:

GTA 5 First Person View Mod for Xbox 360