Far Cry 4 PS4 and Xbox One Graphics to be Equivalent With PC Ultra High

Ubisofts Alex Hutchingson has discussed in depth on the latest Major Nelson Podcast about the graphical differences Far Cry 4 will feature between the past generation, current generation and PC platforms.

Hutchinson has mentioned that in regards to Far Cry 4 on the PS4 and Xbox One, the studio was able to get it running at ultra high PC quality immediately.

Hutchingson goes further to explain that Ubisoft wants the experience to be the same across all platforms. This news has prompted concerns within the PC community with many fearing a similar situation will occur to the recent disappointment experienced with Ubisoft’s latest hit title “Watch Dogs” where graphical potential of the PC game was reduced from the glamorous pre-sale promotional footage which was shown at the 2012 E3.

Although there is a difference this time. The difference is that there was no glamorous footage to stir up PC gamers expectations. What we saw at this years E3 is supposedly what will be released for PC, PS4 and the Xbox One universally minus slight graphical tweaks between the three and graphics controls for PC.

There is also debate about whether this is a marketing strategy by Ubisoft to help promote sales of the new consoles as it gives console gamers a reason not to consider PC. After all, if the consoles run it the same as the PC, why would you need to use a PC?

Make what you will of this news, after all there’s a lot of speculation. Overall It will be interesting to see how Far Cry 4 pans out.

Tell us what you think. Is Ubisoft ripping off PC Gamers? Do you plan to buy Far Cry 4? Comment section below.

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  • Ville N

    That’s just marketing speak because console players will never know how it actually is and believe immediately. And if it were true then PC version must be made shitty on purpose to be able to say something like this. Also if the consoles aren’t running 1080p 60fps then it simply isn’t ultra settings, and they aren’t so the whole thing is a load of BS.

  • iaznaB

    What a bunch of BS.

    To have the “WOW, consoles are as good as ultra high pc” factor/reaction, the PC version must be made first and then build and strive to make the game on console be on par with that. Cuz if you go and make the console version first and then make the PC version to look exactly like the console version and then name that “ULTRA HIGH PC SETTINGS” and the PC barely breaks a sweat, then you’re fucking selling potatoes not a game.

    I foresee a grim future for the developers of FarCry 4 and it’s game. Good luck selling your game on PC’s. I bet they’re going to scream “PIRATES ! PIRATES !”, and i won’t even condemn that, since you treat PC gamers with your back and face the console gamers, the PC gamers will also turn the back on you.

  • Ronnie Dineen

    Think I might just pirate this. Fuck you Ubisoft. Fuck you and you’re money.

  • utack

    So they intentionally sabotage FC4 on PC to a degree were it will certainly look worse than FC3. Congratulations Ubisoft!

    When was it again you wanted to see the PC players money? Oh right, not any more!

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